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Month: July, 2012

Weekend Getaway

How is it almost August already? I leave for school in 25 days and I will be a senior, WHAT! I am so excited yet also soooo terrified, but that’s another post that I’ll do during my quarter life crisis that will be happening shortly. This summer has been filled with lifeguarding, interning, and online classes and it seems like I haven’t even had the chance to get away.  August will be so fun with getting my brother off to college, my best mate Silvia coming into town, and finally finishing my online classes and working, woo hoo! This past weekend mama, papa, and I headed down to Goshen, VA to see my brother, DJ, at the Young Life camp he has been working at for the month of July. The camp is called Rockbridge and it rocks. Seriously, this place is absolutely stunning, and has seriously some of the best food ever, jussst sayin’. DJ has been working there as a lifeguard, 6 days a week, for FREE. That is some serious dedication but he is loving it and he doesn’t really look like my baby brother anymore, he is a man and that freaks me out. DJ and I have definitely had our ups and downs in our relationship, but honestly, he is the best brother I could ask for. I am so proud of him heading off to Liberty in August to begin his college journey. DJ will seriously do anything for anyone without hesitation and this is what is so awesome about him.  Although sometimes, ok he ALWAYS refuses to rub my feet, what’s up with that?? Seriously, DJ rocks and he is single ladies! Look at me trying to play matchmaker for him and he doesn’t even know it! He probably won’t be too thrilled when he reads that last part…but my compliments will surely weigh out the fact I am playing matchmaker. Anyways, enjoy the photos below as I slave away at my paper for my online class (on Harry Potter).  Yes, it is due at midnight, but Arizona time so that gives me until 3am! Yipee! Have a sweet day and delicious week…I really need to work on a better send off that sounds strange.





Another blog, really?

As you clicked on this link from my facebook or twitter or some random website you’re probably thinking “Ugh, another blog!!!” Don’t worry, I thought the same thing.  I have tried my hand at blogging numerous times, do a few posts then get too busy and totally forget about it. I have vowed that I won’t let that happen this time and I will be dedicated! As many of my friends, and instagram followers know, I LOVE cooking and baking, so you can count on me to post delicious recipes that are healthy and good for you! Being a college student doesn’t mean I have to eat ramen noodles every night (too much sodium)! I have also decided to get “crafty” especially with my Pinterest obsession spiraling out of control. I hope that you find some tricks and tips on my blog, but also get to know a little bit more about me and my strange and sweet life.


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