Olympics Obsession

by abbyannssweetdisposition

Okay, I am OBSESSED with watching the Olympics and of course watching the Today show cover the Olympics. Before I say anything…please enjoy this man candy that is known as the US Men’s Swimteam…drool…….

Okay, you can pick up your jaw off the floor and we will try and move on. And ladies back off Ryan Lochte is MINE, we are getting married in late November and yes you can all come.  Obviously the men have been slaying the swimming.  But of course Phelps screwed up in the 200 butterfly yesterday. I am not a fan of that guy anymore, he is way too full of himself.  Maybe I would like him more if I could only stare at his body and not his face…okay that was MEAN but you’re all thinking it. Lets move on to some of my other favorite stars of the Olympics, mostly because these two girls are bad ass and also like 16…craaaaaazy.

Missy Franklin, this girl is 16 and has already put herself on the map with swimming and seems like the sweetest person ever.  She’s refused thousands in prize money and sponsorships so she can swim for her high school in Colorado (which my best friends brother goes to…GO REGIS JESUIT!) I am also equally obsessed with her parents because they seem like the sweetest and most down to earth people ever. Unlike Phelp’s mom who is whoring him out for money…Subway anyone?

Gabby Douglas, yet another 16 year old who has accomplished more than I have. But she is also so adorable and kicking butt in gymnastics and will hopefully add another gold medal to her individual all around (I sound soooooo knowledgeable about gymnastics). Gabby looks sooo smiley and happy despite all the intense pressure on her because honestly I would be crapping my pants. Also her family is just as adorable as Missy’s!

I would also love to say that the Today show is my favorite, although I don’t understand why Ryan Seacrest is covering stuff with them…ANYWAYS yesterday they did some speed walking practice and I couldn’t stop laughing especially at good ol’ Al, look at his bright orange track suit. Whatta boss.

Well, I am off to get ready to go visit a great friend of mine in Baltimore! But, I will leave you with some more eye candy to get you through your day.

YOU ARE WELCOME! Have a sweet day! 🙂